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Opening the Future of Mobile World DIOTEK
Subject DIOTEK developed handwriting recognition software for iPhone
Date May 23. 2009 PM 5:27:04
DIOTEK Co., Ltd. (www.diotek.co.kr), a leading mobile software developer in Korea, today announced the development of handwriting recognition software, DioPen™, for Apple iPhone.
This newly developed handwriting recognition software, DioPen™, is an input method that allows writing letters on capacitive touchscreen of Apple’s iPhone by using bare fingertip. Currently, iPhone only provides QWERTY virtual keyboard without additional input methods such as handwriting recognition widely used in most other PDAs or mobile phones with resistive touchscreen.
DioPen™ can recognize Korean, Chinese and English/European characters and digits written in cursive, print or mixed cursive/print with extreme accuracy. In addition to Apple iPhone, DioPen™ can be easily implemented with other mobile devices with capacitive touchscreen as well as resistive touchscreen.
About DIOTEK Co., Ltd.
DIOTEK Co., Ltd. is a leading developer of mobile software for mobile phones and embedded devices. With its technologies and rich experiences about embedded platforms, DIOTEK has been providing major manufacturers of mobile phones and embedded devices with software solutions including handwriting recognition software, dictionary software, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and note taking software.