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Subject DIOTEK released DioPen 7.0™, handwriting recognition software for Pocket PC
Date May 23. 2009 PM 5:28:05
Korean mobile software developer DIOTEK Co., Ltd. (www.diotek.co.kr) has announced the release of DioPen™ 7.0, handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile devices such as touchscreen Smartphone and Pocket PC.
DioPen in version 7.0 recognizes handwritten Korean, English cursive and alpha-numeric and also provides software keyboards in the package.
It also has Korean and English word recommending function that provides word candidates when user starts a word input so sentences can be completed more quickly without having to type in full words. Moreover, with support of anti-aliasing, DioPen™ 7.0 provides a much better writing experience.
DioPen™ offers Korean input and output functions for writing emails, taking memos, sending text messages and reading Korean documents on devices not running a Korean operating system. DioPen™ can be helpful for Korean residents and students living and studying abroad as well as foreigners studying Korean language.
The DioPen™ handwriting recognition solution has been preloaded onto touchscreen mobile phones and Smartphones from various vendors including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and HTC. For the past several years, DioPen™ has been recognized around the world for its superior and stable performance.
DioPen™ 7.0 is a commercial software that can be easily installed on Windows Mobile Devices. It can be purchased from DIOTEK website. (http://www.diotek.co.kr/En)
DIOTEK is a leading Korean mobile software company dedicated to developing specialized software products for enhancing the use of mobile devices, including handwriting recognition software and multi-language electronic dictionary package developed exclusively for mobile devices.
DIOTEK’s handwriting recognition solution supports more than 70 languages around the world including English, Chinese, Japanese and European languages.