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Subject DIOTEK releases multi-lingual text entry software for Windows Mobile
Date August 20. 2009 AM 11:53:58
Contents DIOTEK (www.diotek.com) has recently unveiled its new multi-lingual text entry software with a finger-touch method for touchscreen devices based on Windows Mobile, the SmartFinger.
This product supports entry of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean, and provides two kinds of QWERTY keyboards with key alignment optimized by each language and handwriting recognition features.
This software allows you to enter text with ease even on the move, and is even more conveniently utilized when applied to touch screen devices with regular voltage. It also enables accurate handwriting entry by using a finger on a tight screen.
Please experience brand new input software for your device! You can download its trial version with unlimited use for 15 days on our website.
Thank you.