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Subject DioDict 2.1 for Pocket PC Patch
Date March 03. 2010 AM 10:03:51

Errors in the DioDict 2.1 for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) product have been fixed and a patch containing updates has been applied as of March 02 2010.

DioDict 2.1 Patch [March 02 2010]

* Scope of application: DioDict 2.1 for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) authorized product user

* Updated items
   - A flicking function is added to view the entry word list and content.
   - Japanese-Korean dictionary DB error patch (YBM Sisa Elite Japanese-Korean Dictionary)
   - Updated Gen-X English-Korean Dictionary for College Entrance Exam DB
   - Updated Korean dictionary DB 
   - Updated Encyclopaedia Britannica DB

* Precaution during installation
 If DioDict 2.1 is already installed, first uninstall the programs from the device and reinstall them.