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Handwriting Recognition Software

Opening the Future of Mobile World DIOTEK

DioPen™ Overview

Multilingual Handwriting Recognition Software for a Range of Mobile Platforms

DIOTEK's DioPen™ is natural handwriting recognition software that supports a variety of handwriting styles cursive, print and mixed cursive/print with extreme accuracy. DioPen is platform-independent and operated with limited processing power and memory resource requirements, thus it can be ported to any mobile phones and other embedded devices with touchscreen run by various OS.

DioPen™ Features & Advantages

  • Superior Performance
  • Perceptive Usability
  • High Portability
  • Market-proven Solution

DioPen™ for Various Devices

DioPen for Phone

DioPen for Windows Mobile

DioPen for Mobile Devices

DioPen™ Supported Languages

Supports continuous handwriting recognition
Superior recognition accuracy on cursive English/European
Latin-1(23 languages), Latin Extended-A(13 languages) and Cyrillic(8 languages)

Chinese/Japanese/Hanja/other Asian languages
Market-proven performance (embedded in various mobile devices)
Supports Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Hanja
Supports GB 18030 (27,000 Characters, Chinese character set)
Supports other Asian languages including Thai, Malay, Indonesian and Arabic/Farsi, Vietnamese, Tagalog, etc

Superior recognition accuracy on cursive handwriting
Supports continuous handwriting recognition
Various recognition modes and additional functions
Market-proven handwriting recognition technology (Embedded in more than 70 mobile devices)

Touch-oriented Simple & Smart Input Solution-SmartFinger™

  • Applicable to mobile devices with touch screen by providing finger gesture input and keypad character input method (Patent pending)
  • Best for capacitive type touch screen devices at which you can use your fingers only
  • Available for any mobile OS including WM/Palm/Linux/Symbian/RTOS